New Diagnostic Techniques& Co-Management

Diagnostic Techniques: Front to Back including Co-Management 

Practical advice on implementing new technolgy into clinical and commercial practice. 

Business models and patient flow will illustrate how you can get started upon return to practice.

Ocular Surface, Analytical techiques to assess and treat dry eye (TearLab), through to Biometry & OCT.

November 2016
7th Monday - London
8th Tuesday - Birmingham
14th Monday - London
16th Wednesday - Bristol
21th Monday - Glasgow

December 2016
5th Monday - London
7th Wednesday - Birmingham.

Additional date for 2016-2017 to be added


6.00pm-6.45pm. 'Meet, Greet and Bite to Eat'
6.45pm -7.45pm. New Techniques in Optometry: Lecture. CET 1 point
7.45pm-8.45pm. Clinicals Skills Workshop. CET 3 Interactive Points. 


I-CET  (4 CET Points)

Discovering the new techniques & how to implement.
Lecture and Skills Workshop:

Optometric techniques are constantly evolving. 

Part 1.

New ocular surface analysis and treatmenst including; 


Blepharitis - BlephEx, In-house and home treatment

Demodex treatments - Tea Tree Oil / Cliradex / OcuSoft

Dry Eye Treatments and Strategies.Ocular Supplements

Part 2. 

New scanning Technologies of shape of the cornea

Part 3.

OCTs thoughout the eye.

Lecture & workshop will illustrate new techniques of 'front to back'.


More than just information,

to include practical advice on techniques you can expand your practice.

Workshop and hands on experience will include co-management opportunities that exist in Optometry.
Presenters at locations are to be confirmed

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